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Legacy is a 3-year church-wide journey we started in Spring 2020 to increase our faith, enlarge our hearts, and open space to continue reaching people and providing real hope for Eastern North Carolina and beyond. The expansion need is $3.5M and every contribution matters. Together, we can leave a legacy that will impact generations.

The Legacy vision flows out of the vision we have had since we first started at Cleveland Elementary School in 1998 which is to provide Real Hope for Real People in a Real World. It’s all about life change! God hasn’t called us to just do church services and church programs – He’s called us to make a difference! Our community and region look different because C3 Church is here. Buildings don’t reach people, people reach people. Buildings are simply a tool to fulfill what God has called us to do. But tools are important! Buildings facilitate the presence and the power of the Holy Spirit. They provide environments for people to get connected, to live out their purpose, and most importantly a place where hurting people can find hope!

We pray you will go all in as we pursue what God has called us to do. The generations coming behind us are counting on it. Together, we can change the world!
Legacy Fly Through

Legacy Fly Through


You have the opportunity to make a pledge commitment, over and above your regular tithes. This amount is simply a commitment to what God has called you to give; no money will be taken out of your account. Your commitment is an intention to give as an act of worship between you and God.


To help you calculate your pledge amount, you can use the worksheet provided in the Legacy guide. If you’re feeling a little fearful, pray and ask God to help you overcome your fear and help you get behind the vision. As you begin to pray about how much God might want you to give, we encourage you to embrace this as a spiritual journey with God. We believe that God is going to bless you above and beyond your wildest expectations even as you step out in faith with us into the future of our church family.